10 Beneficial Tips For Your Dry Skin During Summer 

Summer is here. Even though summer brings sundresses, shorts, and tank tops, skincare is crucial and tough to manage.   

Dust, sun, heat, and particles can age and colour skin. Therefore, cleanse, tone, and moisturise for a natural, strong glow.  

1. Follow the CTM process

Apply face and neck green aloe vera gel. Aloe vera heals sun-damaged skin. Morning aloe vera juice may hydrate you.  

2.  Aloe Vera Gel

Watermelons, cucumbers, and carrots provide vitamin C and E. Antioxidants heal and protect skin from UV damage. 

3. Vitamin Rich Food

Heat can cause internal irritation and confusion! Hydrate with two litres everyday. Drink less caffeine and alcohol to stay hydrated.  

4. Waterlogging

Use a little layer of glycerine on your face before bed. Morning clean. Glycerine moisturises and restores skin cells all day.

5. Glycerin

Summer UV light damages fragile lip tissue. A thick lip balm with SPF 15 or higher keeps lips fresh daily.  

6. Protect Your Lip

Put a few tablespoons in your bath or apply it to your skin, hands, cuticles, and joints to reduce stiffness.  

7. Coconut Oil

Your towel absorbs well. Excessive use can dry skin. Shower heat. Once cold, apply ointment. Limited skin hydration lessens thirst.  

8. Take A Towel Lightly

Parfum soaps can dry out and irritate skin by depriving it of oils. Instead, use natural soaps and bath gels.  

9. Use Appropriate Soap

Before leaving the house, wear sunscreen to avoid UV damage and dryness. Oily and dry skin sunscreens are available.  

10. Use Sunscreen

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