10 Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress

A simple technique to reduce stress and relax is to do breathing exercises regularly. You may relax your mind and body by focusing on your breath. Here are 10 breathing techniques to relieve stress and improve well-being.


1. Deep Breathing

To do deep breathing, find a nice place to sit or lie down. Take a big breath in through your nose to fill your lungs with air. Take a deep breath out and slowly push as much air out of your body as you can. Do it several times.

2. 4-7-8 Technique

Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose for four counts. For seven counts, hold your breath. For eight counts, firmly let out air through your mouth, making a whooshing sound. Do this over and over again four times.

3. Equal Breathing

Take four deep breaths in and then four deep breaths out. It's best to keep the time of your inhales and exhales the same. Do this for a few minutes.

4. Belly Breathing

To belly breathe, put one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Take deep breaths in through your nose. As you do this, let your belly rise. As you let out air through your mouth, feel your belly go down. Do it several times.

5. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Sit comfortably with your back straight and breathe nasally and throatily. Close your right nostril with your thumb and breathe deeply through your left. Close your left nostril with your right ring finger and exhale. Close your right nose and inhale. Left-nasal exhalation. Continue for now.

6. Box Breathing

Take a deep breath in for four counts, hold it for four counts, let it out for four counts, and then hold it for four counts again. Do this over and over again for several times.

7. Progressive Relaxation

Focus on your breath as you tense and then rest different groups of muscles in your body. This is called progressive relaxation. Start at your toes and work your way up to your head, tensing each group of muscles for a few seconds before letting go as you breathe out.

8. Visualization Breathing

Seeing Things Close your eyes and picture a place or situation that makes you feel calm and at ease. As you take a big breath in, picture yourself feeling calm and relaxed. As you let out a breath, picture any worry or tension leaving your body.

9. Humming Breath

To do the humming breath, close your eyes and sit down easily. Inhale deeply through your nose. Make a humming sound as you let out your breath and feel the waves in your throat and chest. Do it several times.

10. Counting Breath

Take a big breath in while counting to four. For four counts, hold your breath. Breathe out slowly while you count to four. Do this rhythm again and again, slowly raising the count until you feel comfortable.

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