10  Common Symptoms Of Depression

Complex depression varies. Everyone feels sad sometimes, but depression causes profound sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness that can hinder daily life. Early depression diagnosis and treatment involve symptom awareness. Here are 10 common depression symptoms.


1. Sadness persists

Depression is characterised by persistent sadness that lasts most of the day, almost every day. This melancholy may not be related to anything and can be overwhelming.

2. Loss of enjoyment

Depression can make people lose interest in hobbies and activities. Even hobbies they used to enjoy may no longer interest them.

3. Fatigue and Low Energy

Chronic fatigue and energy loss are depression symptoms. Simple chores can be taxing, making it hard to complete daily tasks.

4. Changing Sleep Patterns

Depression can cause insomnia or oversleeping. Some people have trouble falling or staying asleep, while others sleep too much but still feel weary.

5. Weight or Appetite Changes

People with depression often experience significant weight and hunger fluctuations. Some people lose weight by losing appetite, while others gain weight by overeating.

6. Feeling worthless or guilty

Depression typically causes feelings of worthlessness, inadequateness, or undue guilt regarding past events or imagined failures. The conditions may not warrant these illogical feelings.

7. Inability to concentrate

Depression can affect cognition, making it hard to focus, decide, and recall. This can disrupt work, school, and other daily responsibilities, causing stress and frustration.

8. Restlessness /irritability

Depression can cause impatience and agitation as well as sadness. People may get agitated easily, and even minor issues may cause excessive emotions.

9. Body Signs

Depression can induce physical symptoms including headaches, digestive issues, and persistent pain without a medical cause. These physical signs might worsen depression's emotional misery.

10. Death or suicide thoughts

Death or suicide ideas may continue in severe depression. They may think life is pointless or that they burden others. Suicide mentions must be taken seriously and treated immediately.

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