10 Health Benefits of Elderberry 

Elderberry offers 52.2 mg of vitamin C per cup, which increases immunity, decreases illness, and speeds muscle recovery.2. USDA. CentralFoodData. Raw elderberries.  

High In Vitamin C

Freshly pressed elderberry juice contains antioxidants including protocatechuic and chlorogenic acid and phytonutrients like quercetin and rutin.  

High Antioxidant Power

Elderberry antioxidants lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation. "Elderberry's phytonutrients and fiber content helps lower blood cholesterol by binding to and expelling it," he said.   

Promotes Heart Health

Polyphenol flavonoids in elderberries may lower brain inflammation and support gastrointestinal health, which can benefit mental wellness.  

Lowers Inflammation and Stre

Elderberries may speed respiratory ailment recovery. Elderberry may reduce the length of your illness, but it may not prevent it.  

Boosts Your Immune System

Jones said quercetin, a flavonoid and antioxidant, enhances lung function, notably in asthmatics and COPD patients, but elderberry hasn't been linked to chronic lung disorders.   

Good For Respiratory And Lung Health

Elderberry fiber aids digestion, intestinal health, and immunity. Elderberry prebiotics, a type of fiber, feed gut probiotics, or “good” bacteria.  

High in Fiber 

Elderberry may help diabetics control sugar. “The phytonutrients and polyphenols in elderberry help the body process glucose more efficiently, making it useful for managing and balancing glucose,” Best said.   

Good For Blood Sugar Management 

Research showed elderberry lozenges and extracts reduced cold and flu duration and severity.Participants who took elderberry within 48 hours of symptoms benefited most.  

Eases a Sore Throat and Cough

"Antioxidants reduce oxidative damage in the body, which, if allowed to persist, damages cells and skin," he said. Fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity loss, and uneven skin tone will accelerate.   

Keeps Your Skin Healthy

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