10 Luxury Destinations That Belong on Your Travel Bucket List 


This Persian Gulfside oasis is full with luxury sports cars, sophisticated architecture, man-made islands with ocean views, and the world's tallest structures, including the 163-story Burj Khalifa. 

The Bahama

Caribbean resorts like the Bahamas are reviving. The popular holiday location serves luxury clients in many ways beyond its 700 coral islands and miles of turquoise ocean. 


Norway should be on your luxury vacation bucket list. Visitors can explore pebble-lined beaches, breathtaking fjords, verdant mountains, and lush forests in Scandinavia. 


There are many locations to visit in Italy. The nickname Bel Paese means “beautiful country.” Naturally, its delectable food is stunning, especially when served in the sun-drenched valleys of Naples, Venice's canals, and Amalfi Coast's cliffside towns. 

The Seychelle

The Seychelles, 995 miles off Kenya's coast, are the world's top honeymoon destination for good reason. Flights from New York take nearly 18 hours to reach the remote islands. 


No luxury travel list would be complete without the Maldives. Overwater bungalows that immerse tourists in the emerald seas make this South Asian location synonymous with luxury. 


Buenos Aires may be considered South America's Europe, but Argentina, larger than Texas and Mexico combined, has many more attractions worth visiting. 


We frequently overlook the beauty in our own backyard in our desperate quest to escape the daily grind. Hawaii is a luxurious destination that doesn't require a passport, making it ideal for individuals who'd prefer not go through customs and immigration. 


From Provence's lavender fields to Saint-Tropez's beaches, many Americans fall in love with this lovely nation and never want to leave. In fact, locals' effortless affluence and blasé attitude can make you feel unworthy during your trip.


This strange island may be explored in style and comfort, despite its energetic, nature-filled reputation. Iceland has quietly become a top health destination due to its low population, vast uninhabited territory, and ability to detach tourists from the world.

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