10 Reasons to Own a Yorkie


Yorkshire Terriers fit in all households due to their modest stature. Space does not limit Yorkie ownership in flats or studios. The dog is comfy in all sizes. 

Yorkies' Size Encourages Ownership

Yorkies are the most loyal pets. They are cute and faithful. Since Yorkies are lightweight and simple to handle, seniors appreciate them. The dog is attractive, engaging, and cozy for families. Yorkshire Terriers love their families.

Greatest Companion

Few dogs have unique coats like Yorkies. Their bright colors make this breed stand out in dog shows. The rich love the dog as a pet because its silky, smooth coat embodies luxury. 

The Special Coat a Reason To Owning a Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers are hypoallergenic, therefore allergy sufferers should consider getting one. No pet is allergy-free, but dogs are mostly free of irritants that may cause allergies.

Hypoallergenic Coat an Advantage

Yorkshire Terriers aren't guard dogs. However, Yorkies make great watchdogs, which is a bonus. Bold and big-dog-like, the Yorkie protects his family. Dogs are possessive and protective of their families. 

Yorkies Are Excellent Watch Dog

Yorkies are little and require little exercise. They're happy without strenuous exercise. The activities at home keep children mentally and physically active. A simple walk in the garden or to the shop is enough for these little dogs.

No Need for Exercise

The Yorkshire Terrier is cheap. Owning a Yorkie is ideal because his needs are affordable. Their small stomachs mean they don't need pricey dog food.

Low on Maintenance

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smartest canines. The dog is easily housetrained and potty-trained. Yorkies are remarkable in their ability to quickly and successfully follow human commands. They make terrific pets for families.

Extremely Intelligent

Yorkshire Terriers are clean because they shed little despite their lengthy hair. Yorkies are potty-trained easy. They rarely dig or chew like Doxies or Rotties. They may not drool like Great Danes. This makes Yorkies fun to own.

Cleanest Dog

Yorkie Smoky, famous for his WWII adventures, was the first therapy dog. Her field hospital visits comforted wounded soldiers. Her 12-year career as a therapy dog made her famous after the war.

Good as Therapy Dog

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