10 Signs You’re More Attractive Than You Give Yourself Credit For 

The Paradox of Compliment

Some people think if they don't get many praises, they're not appealing. However, your lack of compliments may indicate your latent charm. People presume that since you know you're attractive, you don't need continuous compliments. 

The Magnetism of Stranger

Have you seen strangers openly looking at you? This can be unsettling, but it also shows your charm. Attractive people naturally attract attention with their attractive presence.

The Attraction Magnet

Are people drawn to you when they meet you? If you say yes, it may be because they like your charisma. Engaging with someone attractive is fun, and people want to become closer.

The Unusual Behavior of Other

Have people ever treated you strangely? Being attractive can intimidate others, causing them to lose their composure around admirers.

Surprising Insecuritie

We typically assume gorgeous people are insecure-free. Everyone struggles with self-esteem occasionally. People are surprised by your fears because they regard you as beautiful.

The Intensity of Reaction

Do people react strongly when they meet you? Others may seem bizarrely hostile, while others are too pleasant. These intense reactions are sometimes caused by jealousy or adoration of your beauty.

Abundance of Dating Prospect

Finally, having several dating prospects indicates your beauty. You may credit your likability, popularity, or friendliness, but some say your physical appeal enhances these. 

The Casual Compliment

Do compliments seem insincere or casual? This could be another clue of your hidden beauty. People who find you attractive may not highlight it. Like how we only compliment our beautiful pals when they change or wear something fresh. 

Strangers treat you well 

How people react to you might reveal a lot about your image. If strangers are friendly and give you the time of day, you may be more appealing than you realize. 

Lots of people make eye contact with you 

People often look at you, even if they don't know you. It may be another evidence of your beauty. According to Medium, longer-held eye contact might indicate hostility or attraction.

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