12 Ways to Treat Psoriasis at Home

Psoriasis generates silvery scales and red, inflamed skin. Home cures for psoriasis might enhance skin health but not cure it. Twelve home psoriasis treatments:

1. Moisturize Regularly

Keep the skin wet with moisturisers or emollients to stop itching and flaking.

2. Warm Baths with Epsom Salt

Soak in warm baths with Epsom salt to calm the skin, get rid of scales, and lower redness.

3. Topical Treatments

Topical treatments like corticosteroids, salicylic acid, or coal tar can be bought over-the-counter or prescribed and should be applied to the affected areas as told by a medical professional.

4. Occlusion Therapy

Cover the area with plastic wrap or a dressing overnight and apply moisturiser or medicine to it. This will help it absorb and work better.

5. Natural Oils

Put coconut oil, olive oil, or tea tree oil on your psoriasis spots to keep them moist and soothed.

6. Avoid Triggers

Find things that make your psoriasis worse, like worry, certain foods, alcohol, smoking, and skin injuries, and stay away from them.

7. Healthy Diet

To improve your skin health and general health, eat a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Sun Exposure

Getting some natural sunshine or phototherapy for a short time while being watched by a doctor can help ease the symptoms of psoriasis. On places that aren't hurt, use sunscreen.

9. Stress Management

If you want to keep your psoriasis flare-ups to a minimum, try stress-relieving activities like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or awareness.

10. Avoid Irritants

Avoid harsh chemicals, soaps, and detergents that can hurt the skin and use gentle skin care products that don't have scents.

11. Hydration and Humidification

Stay refreshed by drinking a lot of water, and use a humidifier in dry rooms to keep your skin from getting dry and irritated.

12. Consult a Dermatologist

If home remedies don't work, see a dermatologist for personalised treatment choices, such as prescription drugs, light therapy, or biologic therapies.

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