2 RARE Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly around buying 5 BITCOIN

1976 Bicentennial Quarter Mintage

U.S. Mint facilities minted almost 1 billion bicentenary quarters. Incidentally, special coins were minted one year before their market debut in 1975. This was mostly to deter hoarding. 

There was a widespread belief that these unique quarter, half dollar, and dollar coins would increase in value over the course of time.

So, making sure that enough of these unique coins were available for everyone was a top concern for the national mint. In any case, collectors were given test sets and sets that had never been used.

Preserved bicentenary 1976 Washington quarters are usually Mint State 65. Pocket change usually contains coins of this grade. Auction prices for these quarters range from $6 to $10. 

MS65 Regular Strike Washington Quarter

After introduction, most Philadelphia bicentennial quarters under MS66 and MS67 conditions were withdrawn. Despite being common, MS66 coins cost $15–$40, and MS67 coins cost $35–$70 and up to $127.

The best Philadelphia-struck bicentennial quarter grade is MS67+. No coin in Mint State 68 or above has been identified due to its poor condition.

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