3 Mind-Blowing Facts About Thor and Loki's Epic Showdown in Season 2

Marvel Studios' Disney+ series fans know that the fourth episode will blow apart the series concept, the penultimate episode will destroy hearts, and the conclusion will contain a large climactic battle. 

The WandaVision chaos-magic visual effects show was big. Moon Knight was less mystical, but a big skeleton bird-man fought a giant crocodile god-woman.

In Loki's Season 1 conclusion, the Multiverse Saga wasn't named. Fans thought Loki would be Kang's first appearance. He Who Remains was a quirky, unexpected foe in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Marvel fans, prepare for a major MCU crossover event. Thor, the beloved Avenger, may make an appearance in "The Marvels" on November 10. We know about this exciting development.

Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) reveals in the teaser that she's "called a friend." This mysterious call summons Thor's Bifrost from Asgard, a familiar sight to Marvel fans. 

Captain Marvel has company on this mission. Ms. Marvel, Monica Rambeau, and she will fight in an epic battle. Thor's primary character is suspected of being involved with the Bifrost. 

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