5 Anti-Inflammatory Keto Vitamins and Minerals for Better Mental Health

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps prevent inflammation, strengthen bones, teeth, and muscles, and boosts the immune system. Because keto diets exclude vitamin D-rich foods such milk, orange juice, yogurt, and fortified cereal.

Deficient vitamin D can cause weak muscles, fatigue, discomfort, appetite loss, nausea, elevated blood pressure, and depression [3]. Get 15-20 minutes of sunlight everyday or eat keto-approved salmon, tuna, and eggs to supplement vitamin D on a keto diet.

B Vitamin

B vitamins—thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, folate, cobalamin, and others—are necessary for physiological function.


Most keto dieters lack Thiamin (B1) since they eat low carb, high fat diets. Thiamin's RDA for adults is 1.2mg for males and 1.1mg for women. Thiamin is scarce in fatty diets, causing issues. 


Folate (Vitamin B9) aids red blood cell formation and tissue repair. This mineral is crucial for pregnancy's rapid growth. Folate is hard to get from food, thus supplements may be needed.


Calcium supports strong bones, teeth, muscles, and nerves. Keto excluded high-carb fruits and fortified grains such brown rice and oatmeal with adequate calcium.

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