5 Effective Exercise for Jawline 

Getting a defined jawline usually takes a mix of face workouts and general fitness. Here are five good workouts that will help you work on your jawline:

1. Neck Stretch

Seated or standing, tilt your head back to the ceiling. Hold your lips tight for 5-10 seconds. Return to the start. Relax. Repeat 10-15x.

2. Jaw Lift

Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and close your mouth. Keep your tongue up and slowly open your mouth wide. Wait a few seconds and seal your mouth. Repeat 10-15x.

3. Chin Lift

Straighten your spine whether standing or sitting. Rearrange your head to face the ceiling. Pucker your lips and lift your bottom lip towards your nose. Relax after a few seconds. Repeat 10-15x.

4. Jaw Clenching

Sit or stand upright. Relax your face and shoulders. Hold your jaw clenched for 5-10 seconds. Relax your jaw. Repeat 10-15x.

5. Facial Yoga "V" Exercise

Keep your back straight when sitting or standing. Display your teeth and press your tongue against your roof. Make a "V" with your fingertips on either side of your jawline. Gently raise your fingertips to your ears. Wait and release after a few seconds. Repeat 10-15x.

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