5 Mediterranean Diet Mistake You're Probably Making

Eating too much meat

The consumption of meat on a daily basis is the most common error that people make while attempting to adhere to the Mediterranean diet, according to Paravantes. 

White meat or fish should be consumed once or twice per week, and red meat should be consumed no more than once per month, according to her recommendation.

Viewing vegetables as a side dish

In the West, many people eat veggies as a side dish with their main meat dish. But in the Mediterranean diet, vegetables are part of the main dish. 

Not eating enough olive oil

Mediterranean diets require healthy fats to make veggies taste delicious and extract their nutrients, Paravantes noted. Paravantes stated olive oil helps you absorb nutrients from veggies and the vegetables absorb its antioxidants.

Drinking your calories

Paravantes said classical Mediterranean diets consisted of water, wine, coffee, and herbal teas. She also advised Greek/Turkish coffee because milk was rarely used.

Not food prepping

As with other diets, Paravantes advised prepping food so you can make easy dinners even if you don't want to cook. She suggested making vegetable casseroles, which taste better the next day, and freezing spanakopita pies.

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