5 Pressure Points to Try for Insomnia

Sleep issues, such as insomnia, can negatively impair well-being. Alternative medicine like acupressure targets bodily pressure points for natural alleviation.

1. Third Eye Point (GV24.5)

The pressure point between the eyebrows is said to soothe the mind and induce relaxation, helping insomnia and sleep quality.

2. Spirit Gate (HT7)

Gentle pressure to the Spirit Gate point on the inner wrist, near the little finger, may reduce worry, stress, and restlessness, improving sleep.

3. Inner Gate (P6)

A stimulation of the Inner Gate point, located three finger-widths from the wrist crease on the inner forearm, may relieve sleeplessness, anxiety, and promote relaxation.

4. Wind Pool (GB20)

At the base of the skull, on either side of the spine, the Wind Pool point relieves stress, headaches, and promotes a quiet mind for better sleep.

5. Greater Yang (GB44) foot

Applying pressure to the Foot Greater Yang point on the outside side of the fourth toe at the nail bed may aid with sleeplessness, restlessness, and serenity.

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