6 Amazing Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog 

Older Dogs Need a House the Most

Are you aware that most senior pets never leave shelters? Because most first-time dog owners want pups, they ignore older dogs.

They Learn New Tricks Quickly

The best part of senior dog adoption is now. Despite popular opinion, older canines are exceedingly smart and learn skills faster than expected. This has many causes. 

Senior Dogs are the Most Calm

Senior dogs are also good for adoption since they are calmer. They prefer sitting and won't chase you around the house like puppies.

No Unnecessary Chewing and Nipping

You may have observed first-time dog owners grumble about their puppy's chewing. Puppy chews everything, from furniture to clothes in the closet.

Less Maintenance Overall

Best of all, senior dogs are easy to care for, even for first-timers. These dogs have minimal activity and need little exercise, saving their parents time. 

Senior Dogs Make Excellent Therapy Dog

Senior dogs are wonderful therapy dogs because they have the most human interaction and are more loving and empathetic. 

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