6 Benefits of Oil Pulling

Ancient Ayurvedic oil pulling improves oral hygiene and health by swishing oil in the mouth. How to do oil pulling and its six benefits:

1. Improved Oral Health

Plaque, germs, and bad breath can be reduced by oil pulling, which is good for your gums and teeth.

2. Whitens Teeth

Oil pulling might help whiten teeth and stop coffee, tea, and other things from colouring them.

3. Detoxification

People think that oil pulling can clean out the mouth and get rid of toxins, which could help the body's detoxification processes as a whole.

4. Reduced Inflammation

Some studies show that pulling on oil may help reduce swelling in the mouth and make conditions like gingivitis better.

5. Supports Oral Hygiene

Regular oral care habits like brushing and flossing can be improved by oil pulling, which can help keep your mouth cleaner and healthier.

6. Easy to Do

Oil pulling is simple and easy to do every day; all you have to do is swish oil around in your mouth for a few minutes.

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