Effects Of Poor Posture On The Body

Three terms we've probably heard? “Stand straight.” Many of us slouch more than we should for spine health, knowingly or unknowingly. Poor posture can harm our bodies, but physical therapy can alleviate some of the suffering. We list six effects and methods to help.


1. Spine Curvature

Aligned spines have three primary curves that create a ‘S’. Poor posture can alter these natural curves, putting too much pressure on the wrong spot. Your spine is designed to absorb shock, but poor posture can slowly erode it, putting you at risk for more serious injury.

2. Back Pain

Poor posture is known to strain the upper and lower back. Slouching forward flattens your back and presses on your shoulder blades. If you have neck and tailbone ache after a long day at work, you may not be sitting straight.

3. Neck Pain & Headaches

Poor posture strains posterior muscles, affecting the neck. If your shoulders are bent forward or your head is lowered, these muscles can strain your neck and cause tension headaches.

4. Poor Sleep

Poor posture might compromise your entire muscle system. If you can't relax at night, you may toss and turn to find a comfortable neck and back posture, losing hours of sleep.

5. Disrupted Digestion

Sitting with incorrect posture can cause stomach troubles if you work at a desk all day. Poor posture can compress organs, impede digestion, and cause stomach troubles.

6. Lack of Motivation

Not sitting straight or standing with your shoulders back can also affect work ethic. Your concentration will be on discomfort, not the task. Health Psychology links poor posture to low self-esteem.

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