6 Low Impact Cardio Exercises in 20 Minutes

Low-impact cardio activities work the heart without straining joints. They're good for arthritis sufferers and people who want a lighter workout. Six 20-minute low-impact aerobic exercises:

1. Walking

Indoor or outdoor brisk walking is a low-impact cardio workout. Keep a steady rhythm and swing your arms to intensify.

2. Cycling

Have a stationary or ordinary bike? Use it. Adjust the resistance and pedal moderately to increase heart rate without stressing joints.

3. Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical machine works the legs, arms, and core with low impact. Make smooth, steady movements and regulate resistance.

4. Swimming

Water aerobics and swimming laps are great low-impact cardio exercises with water resistance.

5. Dancing

Play your favourite music and dance in your living room. Salsa, ballroom, and dance-based training videos are entertaining and effective cardio workouts.

6. Tai Chi or Yoga

Tai Chi and Hatha or moderate flow yoga can improve flexibility, balance, and relaxation while providing a low-impact aerobic workout.

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