6 Most Controversial Coins in History and Why They Matter

The Athens Decadrachm, 460-430 BC

This historic coin was struck during wartime. Greek forces have fought Persian invaders for 40 years. Thermopylae, Marathon, and Plataea were decisive battles.

The Decadrachms Of Syracuse, 400-390 BC

Syracuse decadrachms are among the best ancient numismatic art. These ancient coins include the Kimon Decadrachm, Arethusa Facing Head Tetradrachm, Syracuse Demaraeteion, and Euainetos.

The Akragas Decadrachm, 411 BC

Rare ancient coins include the Akragas Decadrachm. Fewer than ten ancient ones remain. Sicily struck some magnificent coins in the 5th century. Silver coin minting began in these cities early on.

The Naxos Tetradrachm, 460 BC

This coin may be the best-known 5th-century BC coin. Many ancient coins were struck from many dies engraved by various people, but this coin was created from two.

The Gold Stater Of Croesus, 550 BC

The first coins were fashioned of Electrum, a natural alloy. This gold-silver alloy was unearthed near Lydia's capital, Sardis. The last Lydian king, King Croesus, is well known for creating the first pure silver and gold coins.

The Titus Colosseum Sestertius, 81-82 AD

The Colosseum. The seventh wonder of the world attracts approximately 6 million visitors annually. Construction of this magnificent building began in 71 AD under Emperor Vespasian.

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