6 Signs and How to Get Out from Coercive Control

Abuse via coercion involves deception, intimidation, and isolation. Your safety depends on recognizing the symptoms and understanding how to escape. Here are six coercive control indications and ways to escape:

1. Constant Monitoring

The abuser keeps too close an eye on your activities, whereabouts, and conversations, which is an invasion of your privacy and liberty.

2. Isolation from Support Systems

They cut you off from family, friends, and other support systems, leaving you reliant on them alone for approval and company.

3. Emotional Manipulation

They control your thoughts, feelings, and actions by making you feel guilty and emotionally blackmailed. This lowers your self-esteem.

4. Threats and Intimidation

They use violence, threats, or other forms of bullying to keep you scared and under their control.

5. Financial Control

They manage your money, make all the choices about it, and limit your access to it. This makes you financially dependent and helpless.

6. Gaslighting and Denial

They lie about how cruel they are, twist reality, and gaslight you into doubting what you see, feel, and remember.

1. Recognize the Abuse

Realize that you are in a violent relationship and that controlling someone by force is wrong and not okay.

To break free from coercive control

2. Reach Out for Support

Tell friends, family, or professionals you trust who can help you with support, advice, and tools.

3. Safety Planning

Make a safety plan with steps to keep yourself safe, like writing down proof, keeping your money safe, and finding safe places to go.

4. Seek Professional Help

Talk to a therapist, counselor, or domestic abuse advocate. They can give you support and help that is specific to your needs.

5. Take Legal Action if Necessary

You might want to get a protection order, file for divorce or split, or talk to a lawyer about child custody and money issues.

6. Establish Boundaries

Make it clear to the attacker what your limits are, put your safety and well-being first, and do things for yourself that will help you heal and feel strong.

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