6 vitamin E-rich foods for healthy and glowing skin

Healthy, bright skin requires more than skincare products. Vitamin E helps nourish your skin from within.  

Not just Popeye eats spinach. Its vitamin E and other nutrients boost your skin's immune system, avoiding disease and damage.  

1. Spinach

The creamy, adaptable avocado is more than a toast topping. Avocados provide skin-loving potassium, vitamin C, and 2.07 mg of vitamin E per 100g.   

2. Avocado

Eat almonds everyday to avoid dry skin. Almonds have more than skin-deep advantages with 25.63 mg of vitamin E per 100g.   

3. Almond

Superfood broccoli protects skin with iron, calcium, vitamin C, and prebiotic fibres.  

4. Broccoli

Salad or yoghurt with sunflower seeds improves skin. Vitamin E-rich seeds boost immunity and skin health with 35.17 mg/100g.   

5. Sunflower Seed

Peanuts, a favourite, offer more than crunch. Vitamin E provides 4.93 mg of fatty acids per 100g to nourish and moisturise skin.   

6. Peanut

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