7 Anti-Inflammatory Keto Surprising Benefits of Vitamin D You Didn't Know

Healthy Bones and Muscle

Vitamin D improves bone health. But how? Vitamin D aids calcium and phosphorus absorption, which is essential for bone formation. It also balances calcium and phosphorus. 

Keeps You Happy (Helps Manage Depression)

Vitamin D boosts mood and is essential for wellness. According to a recent study, vitamin D boosts serotonin and melatonin synthesis, which regulate mood and sleep.

Boosts Immunity

Active vitamin D boosts immunity. It modifies innate immunity to prevent infections. The COVID-19 pandemic showed how vitamin D protects and treats. Vitamin D and respiratory functions are protective, according to studies. 

Control Diabete

Vitamin D is linked to keeping the pancreas' insulin-making beta cells working properly and also making the body more sensitive to insulin. When there is a deficiency, the opposite happens, which raises the chance of getting type 2 diabetes. 

Manages Blood Pressure Level

A big risk factor for CVD is having blood pressure that isn't constant. New clinical and observational studies have shown that vitamin D helps keep blood pressure in check through metabolic pathways.

Healthy Heart

Our heart is muscular. We know vitamin D strengthens muscles. A vitamin D-rich diet may boost heart health, according to an international study. 

May Prevent Cancer

Low Vitamin D is linked to colon and breast cancers in observational studies. Cancer incidence dropped 11% in a meta-analysis of 16 prospective trials, likely because the vitamin supports cell differentiation and limits proliferation. 

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