Benefits  of Stretching for  Seniors

Stretching benefits seniors for many reasons, according to science. Study after study shows that stretching improves health and prevents chronic diseases. This is crucial in Australia. Chronic diseases cause 90% of Australian deaths and disabilities, according to the Department of Health.


1. Stretches May Help to Reduce Stiffness in Arteries

Ankles that are healthy don't feel stiff. They stay flexible even as they age. Unfortunately, many older people have arteries that get stiffer with age. One way to deal with the problem of arteries getting stiff is to stretch.

2. Decrease Pain

Research shows that a stretching-heavy exercise routine benefits people with aches and pains. Lower back pain can be relieved by stretching the back, abs, legs, and buttocks. Hip, knee, neck, and other discomfort can be relieved by stretching.

3. Improve Your Walking Ability

Research shows that stretching improves many facets of an aged person's stride. Many seniors discover that stretching helps them walk longer, smoother, and faster. Stretching improves hip and pelvic range of motion by affecting pelvic tilt.

4. Increase Flexibility

Stretching makes muscles soft and flexible, which may help your body fight off harm. On the other hand, muscles and connective tissues that are stiff and can't bend can make it harder to move around because they stop your joints from moving normally.

5. Improve Balance and Posture

Lower-limb stretching improves balance in persons 58 and older, according to research. They found that these major balancing adjustments had reduced falls. Try it yourself—regular stretching will improve your balance in 10 weeks.

6. Make Your Daily Routine Easier

Stretching can assist you overcome these problems. These are some factors that can decide whether you can live independently or need nursing care. These are not the only factors that indicate whether nursing care is needed, but they are critical.

7. Relax and Feel Good

It feels good to stretch. Helps calm stiff muscles. Stretching helps reduce the detrimental consequences of prolonged sitting. Seniors who stretch report improved well-being.

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