7 Best Exercises for Shoulder Arthritis

Daily tasks can be difficult due to shoulder arthritis, but adding certain exercises to your routine can help relieve symptoms and improve shoulder function. The seven best shoulder arthritis exercises are these.


1. Pendulum Stretch

Lean over a little as you stand, letting the hurt arm hang down. To open up the shoulder joint, move the arm slowly in a circle, going clockwise and anticlockwise.

2. Walks on Wall

Stand with your back to a wall and slowly walk up it with your fingers. Lift your arm as high as you can safely go. Next, work your way back down slowly. This movement helps your shoulders move and bend more freely.

3. External Rotation

Lay on your side with the arm that hurts on top of you. The elbow should be bent 90 degrees. Light dumbbells or a resistance band should be in your hand. Slowly turn your arm away from your body. This makes the muscles around the shoulder stronger, which makes the shoulder more stable.

4. Internal Rotation

Lie on your side with your injured arm bent 90 degrees. This resembles external rotation. Turn your arm in towards your body while holding a tiny weight or resistance band. This exercise strengthens internal rotation muscles, which maintain shoulder function.

5. Shoulders Squeeze

Sit or stand with arms extended. Squeeze your shoulder blades to grip a pencil. Hold briefly, then release. This workout strengthens upper back muscles and improves posture, relieving shoulder pain.

6. Shoulder flexion stretch

While standing or sitting straight, gently elevate the affected arm above your head and reach for the other person's shoulder blade or upper back. Help with your other hand if needed. Let go after 15–30 seconds of stretching. This enhances shoulder range of motion and flexibility.

7. Shoulder blade presses

Hands facing in, arms at sides. Sit or stand. Keep your arms straight and shoulder blades squeezed. Hold briefly, then release. This exercise strengthens the shoulder blade muscles, making the shoulder more stable and useful.

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