7 Best Ways To Lose 10 Pounds in a Month Without Dieting 

Go on daily walks 

Every day, brisk walking for 30 minutes can help you lose weight and feel better. A study from 2011 also found that walking right after a meal helps your body digest food and lose weight.

Drink zero-calorie beverages 

Do you remember your parents always telling you to drink more water? Apparently, they were right. According to 2019 Cochrane Library research, drinking more water can reduce calorie intake and increase calorie burn. So drink zero-calorie drinks.

Limit alcohol consumption 

A drink of wine with dinner once in a while might not seem like a big deal, but those calories can add up fast. You may even be more likely to choose bad, high-calorie foods when you're drunk.

Avoid eating out 

Dining out is fun, but it's also a sneaky method to eat more calories. Fast food was linked to abdominal obesity in a 2018 Journal of Preventative Medicine and Hygiene study.

Drink more water 

Keep hydrated to curb hunger, ease digestion, and boost metabolism."When you're dehydrated, it's harder to get full, which can reduce the amount of food eaten," Mentus. 

Keep a journal 

Recording your diet, mood, and everyday activities changes everything. A notebook helps you identify patterns and make better decisions by tracking your behaviors.

Keep junk food out of your house 

Simply said, out of sight, out of mind. Avoiding junk food at home reduces temptation. Instead, stock your cabinet with healthy foods and see how easily you go for them when hungry.

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