7 Proven Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises For Daily Relief

Lower back pain occurs between the buttocks and ribs, commonly around the lower margins. Remedy doesn't have to be expanding as the ailment develops. A few basic activities can reduce LBP. Even LBP can be prevented. This article lists 7 effective LBP treatment exercises for daily use. These can be done at home without special equipment. Dive deeper.


1. The Child’s Pose

One of the essential yoga postures that immediately benefits your back. The Child's Pose stretches the maximum gluteus and other back muscles. The buttocks contain the greatest muscle in the body. The stretch is also easy.

2. Knee-to-chest

Hips and glutes stretch with knee-to-stretch. Relax on your back. Stretch one knee to the chest with the other on the floor. Stretch as far as possible and hold for a few seconds. Start again with the other knee. Start your day with this workout. Many wake up with severe back pain. For LBP relief, they prefer this morning stretch.

3. The Glute Bridge

To avoid lower back pain, you should take care of your hips. The link between glutes and LBP has already been proven by researchers. And the glute bridge is one of the best workouts. It gets your abs, hips, and hamstrings in shape.

4. Kneeling Back Stretch

Kneeling back stretches are also good for low back pain. This is simple and enjoyable. Kneel and put your hands on your feet. Stretch your hips from your heels and head back to your feet. Stretch as you gaze at the sky. Hold for 1 minute, then return to start. Five to ten times. This can be done on one knee with the other bent forward.

5. Plank And Side Plank

Do the plank instead. Another basic routine that improves your back and abdominal greatly. Lay on your stomach on the floor. Then bring your forearms beneath your body and rise with them and heels. Hold the body parallel to the floor. Try lifting your buttocks. Return after a few seconds. Do this 3–4 times daily.

6. Seated Spinal Twist

Start this workout seated with left knee bent and extending forwards, left foot on ground. Right leg should be grounded. Stretch your body left and place your left foot on the other side of your right leg. Stretch far and hold for a minute. Repeat with the other knee from the start.

7. The Bird Dog

Start in dog stance with hands and knees on floor. Tighten your abs and elevate your left leg parallel to the floor. Balance and extend your right hand parallel to the floor. Stay still for 15–20 seconds and retract. Perform on opposite leg/hand and repeat.

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