7 World Coins with Surprising Values: Global Treasure Hunt 


Deep Blue Marine amazed them by using side scan sonar to find the currency and ship parts the local man found. The trove comprised jade figurines, Mayan jewelry, and 1535 gold coins. Only four coins are worth $1 million. Deep Blue Marine donated 50% of its discoveries to Dominican Republic.

Mystery Shipwreck Coin

Many riches have been uncovered in Qin Shi Huang's tomb. However, there may be more, and individuals know where to locate it. Qin Shi Huang became the first Chinese emperor 2,200 years ago by uniting China's warring clans. After becoming rich, he died.

Qin Shi Huang  Tomb

Copper Scroll is a Dead Sea Scroll. One of the few scrolls retrieved where it was buried was found in 1952. When researchers unrolled and translated the scroll, they found a catalog of ancient riches, not a lost holy book. Gold and silver quantities and locations were recorded, making this one of the easiest treasure retrievals ever.

Copper Scroll

Thomas J. Beale's box included three coded notes that reportedly related to a treasure he uncovered in a mine north of Santa Fe. Beale and his companions took the treasure to Bedford County, Virginia, where Beale entrusted close friend and innkeeper Robert Morriss a box to open if he didn't hear from him for a decade.

The Beale Cipher

A Hollywood kids' movie-style treasure hunt. This treasure is concealed in the forest, with only a purposely obscure poem to guide you. People appear certain of its existence, especially because Forrest Fenn is alive and informed CBS about the riches.

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

This is too complex to be false. Native Americans, Spanish explorers, regular explorers, migrants, and treasure hunters have claimed to have seen a ship stranded in the Salton Sea Basin for ages. Unless something is true, a varied group won't agree.

Treasure Hunting

Cliffwood Beach in New Jersey is famous for Captain Kidd's treasure. Kidd hid his riches on the beach between two big elm trees, known as “Kidd’s Rangers.” Tree markings helped Kidd find his loot.

Captain Kidd’s Treasure

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