8 Best Vitamins for Healthy Hair & Skin

Beyond topical treatments, good hair and skin require vitamin and food intake. These eight vitamins are essential for hair and skin health.

1. Vitamin A

Helps skin cells grow and heal, keeps the head healthy, and encourages the production of sebum, which keeps skin and hair moist.

2. Vitamin C

Increases the production of collagen, lowers oxidative stress, and helps hair and skin stay flexible and strong.

3. Vitamin E

It is a strong antioxidant that keeps skin and hair from getting damaged by free radicals and helps the scalp's blood flow.

4. Vitamin D

Helps keep the skin layer working, supports the health of hair follicles, and may calm inflammatory skin conditions.

5. Vitamin B Complex 

Biotin makes hair stronger and helps it grow. B vitamins help keep the skin healthy, keep it fresh, and help cells grow back.

6. Vitamin K

Encourages good blood flow, which is good for the hair and may help dark circles under the eyes look less noticeable.

7. Vitamin F

Maintains the skin's moisture, elasticity, and ability to act as a shield. Omega-3 fatty acids help keep hair cells healthy and reduce inflammation.

8. Vitamin H (Biotin)

It helps the body make keratin, which is important for hair and nails to be strong and healthy.

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