9 Foods to Avoid if  You’re Diagnosed With Hypothy roidism

Hypothyroidism is difficult to cure, and diet can affect it. Some nutrients greatly affect thyroid function, and some diets can impair thyroid hormone absorption.


1. Soy Products: Edamame, Tofu, Miso

Soy isoflavones have long been linked to thyroid damage. Studies suggest too much soy may induce hypothyroidism. In a Scientific Reports investigation, soy had no effect on thyroid hormones and modestly raised thyroid stimulating hormone.

2. Cruciferous Vegetables Like Broccoli and Cauliflower

You may have heard that hypothyroidism patients should avoid broccoli and cabbage. Iodine deficiency may alter thyroid hormone production. These veggies may block the thyroid from utilising iodine, which is needed for normal function, research shows.

3. Gluten, Found in Bread and Pasta

Whole-grain bread and pasta are high in fibre and other nutrients and can help with hypothyroidism-related bowel irregularity. Take your hypothyroidism medication many hours before or after eating high-fiber foods to minimise synthetic thyroid hormone absorption difficulties.

4. Fats like butter, meat, and fried foods

Fats impair thyroid hormone replacement medicine absorption, says Stephanie Lee, MD, PhD, head of the Thyroid Health Centre at Boston Medical Centre and professor at Boston University School of Medicine.

5. Sugary Foods Like This Delicious Chocolate Cake

Los Angeles dietitian Ruth Frechman, RDN, says untreated hypothyroidism slows metabolism. This makes weight gain easy if unwatchful. “Avoid foods with tonnes of sugar because it's calories with no nutrients,” she recommends. Cut sugar out of your diet.

6. Processed Foods in Packages and the Frozen Aisle

“People with hypothyroidism should avoid sodium, and processed foods have a lot of it,” Frechman explains. Too much sodium and an underactive thyroid increase high blood pressure risk.

7. Excess Fiber From Beans, Legumes, and Vegetables

Fibre helps, but too much can hamper hypothyroidism treatment. The latest USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend 25–38 g of fibre per day for most persons (14 g per 1,000 calories). Whole grain, vegetable, fruit, bean, and legume fibre affects digestion and thyroid hormone replacement medicine absorption beyond that.

8. Coffee: Time Your First Cup Carefully in the Morning

People who took thyroid medication with their morning coffee had uncontrollable thyroid levels, and we couldn't figure it out," he says. I now have to be careful when saying, ‘Only take your prescription with water.’” After taking your medicine, wait 30 minutes before drinking coffee.

9. Alcohol Is Thyroid-Harming

According to a study, alcohol can damage thyroid hormone levels and production. Alcohol appears to poison the thyroid gland and inhibit thyroid hormone usage. Hypothyroidism patients should avoid alcohol or drink moderately.

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