A Daily 5-Minute Stretching Routine That Everyone Needs

A brief daily stretching routine might boost your health. Five minutes of stretching can help you feel better after a long day at a desk. Quick and effective five-minute stretching for everyone:

1. Neck stretch (30 seconds per side)

Hold your head tilted to one side, ear to shoulder, for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side to relieve neck and upper back strain.

2. Shoulder Stretch (30 seconds)

One arm across your chest and your other hand gently pulling it closer to your body will stretch your shoulder and upper arm. Switch sides after 30 seconds.

3. Upper Back Stretch (30 seconds)

Hold your hands together in front of you, round your upper back, and stretch forward to touch the wall. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds to relax the upper back and shoulders.

4. Side Stretch (30 seconds each side)

Stand or sit tall, reach one arm above, and bend to the side to gently stretch your torso. Improve lateral flexibility by holding for 30 seconds and switching sides.

5. Hamstring Stretch (30 seconds each leg)

With heel on ground and toes high, extend one leg forward. Lean forward from your hips until your hamstring stretches. Hold 30 seconds, then swap legs.

6. Calf Stretch (30 seconds each leg)

Step back and press the heel into the ground while straightening the back leg. Calf muscle stretch with slight forward lean. Hold 30 seconds, then swap legs.

7. Deep Breathing (1 minute)

Finally, breathe deeply through your nose and slowly out through your mouth for a minute. Relax and release any tension.

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