Food Secrets of the World's Longest-Lived People

Make sure 95% of your food is plant-based and limit animal protein to one tiny portion each day. Enjoy beans, greens, yams, sweet potatoes, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Whole grains are ok. Four of the five  eat meat rarely, usually as a side, celebratory item, or flavoring.

Plant Slant

Eat two ounces of cooked beef twice a week or less. Opt for free-range chicken and family-farmed hog or lamb over industrial meats. Avoid processed meats like hot dogs, luncheon meats, and sausages.

Retreat from Meat

Three ounces is like a deck of cards uncooked. Choose plentiful, overfish-free fish. Seit 2002, the Adventist Health Study 2 has tracked 96,000 Americans and discovered that non-vegans lived longest. Pesco-vegetarians, or pescatarians, ate a plant-based diet with a modest amount of fish once a day. 

Fish Is Fine

Dairy was introduced to the human diet 8,000–10,000 years ago. The proportion of people who (sometimes inadvertently) have trouble digesting lactose may be as high as 60% since our digestive systems are not designed for milk or milk products.

Diminish Dairy

where they are eaten two to four times a week. Like meat protein, eggs are served as a side dish with a bigger serving of whole grains or other plant-based ingredients. Nicoyans fried eggs to wrap into corn tortillas with beans. Okinawans boil soup eggs.

Occasional Egg

World's diet: Nicoya's black beans, Mediterranean lentils, garbanzo, and white beans, Okinawa soybeans These seniors eat four times as much beans as us. Eating 20 grams of beans daily reduced annual mortality by 8% in a WHO-funded five-country trial.

Daily Dose of Bean

Our lesson: Eat cookies, sweets, and bakery items a few times a week, preferably with a meal. Stay away from sugary foods. Avoid products with sugar in the first five components. Limit sugar in coffee, tea, and other foods to four teaspoons per day. Stop nibbling on sugary treats.

Slash Sugar

It appears that blue zones centenarians eat roughly two ounces of nuts per handful. Nuts are eaten in Blue Zones diets: Almonds in Ikaria and Sardinia, pistachios in Nicoya, and all nuts with Adventists are fantastic. 

Snack On Nut

Bread was eaten 10,000 years ago. Three of the five diets include it. Although not used for sandwiches, it appears at most meals. They eat something other than bread most North Americans buy. Most commercial loaves utilize bleached white flour, which turns sugary.

Sour on Bread

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