Harvard Happiness Expert: The 3 Types of Friendships You Need  Explained 

Utility friendships 

Considering the ties you have with the individuals with whom you work or with whom you conduct business is something you should do. 

In his writing, Brooks stated that the nature of these partnerships is typically transactional.

Friendships based on pleasure 

Due to the fact that each individual derives pleasure from the other, this kind of relationship is founded on the principle of reciprocal admiration. 

According to what Brooks mentioned in his article, a friendship of pleasure is one in which a person finds their buddy to be humorous, interesting, and a source of satisfaction.

Perfect  friendships 

Aristotle said that an ideal friendship is between two people who both love the same thing, which brings them together and makes them behave in a good way. 

A relationship is perfect not when it's based on want or need, but when it's based on making the other person's life better," Brooks says.

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