How Fast Do Nails Grow - you must know

On average, fingernails grow 3 mm (1/8 inch) per month. This growth rate may vary slightly depending on age, genetics, health, and season. Additional nail growth information:

1. Fingernails vs. Toenails

Fingernails develop faster than toenails. Fingernails grow 3–4 millimetres every month, whereas toenails grow 1–1.5 millimetres.

2. Age

Nail growth slows with ageing. Young people may grow nails faster than elderly people.

3. Health and Nutrition

Health, diet, and nutrition affect nail development. A balanced diet with vitamins, minerals, and protein is needed for healthy nails.

4. Seasonal Variations

Warmer months grow nails faster for some people. Warmer weather may enhance blood flow and metabolism.

5. Injury or Trauma

Injury or trauma such nail biting, picking, or accidental damage can accelerate nail growth. Accelerated growth is usually transient.

6. Nail Growth Cycle

Nails develop, rest, and shed. Nail growth (anagen phase) takes 3–6 months for fingernails and 12–18 months for toenails. Nails rest (telogen) after growth before shedding and renewing.

7. Nail Care

Regular trimming, moisturising, and nail protection can encourage healthy development and reduce breaking.

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