How Long Can You Safely Store Meat?

When it comes to preventing foodborne infections and preserving the meat's freshness, appropriate storage is absolutely necessary.

The following is a broad guide that will help you determine how long you may properly preserve various types of meat:

1. Refrigeration

Raw poultry and ground meats: 1-2 days Raw steaks, chops, and roasts: 3-5 days Leftover cooked meats: 3–4 days

2. Freezing

Raw poultry and ground meats: 3-4 months Raw steaks, chops, roasts: 4-12 months Leftover cooked meats: 2-3 months

3. Tips for Storage

Keep raw meat on the fridge's coldest rack. Freeze meat in sealed containers or bags to avoid freezer burn. Label packages with dates to manage storage time and use older meat first.

To make sure eating meat is safe, always follow the right food safety rules, like cooking meat to the right internal temperature and keeping it from getting contaminated with other foods.

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