How Much Should You Take Fish Oil Dosage per Day?

The daily fish oil dosage depends on age, health, and reason for taking it. Some general guidelines:

1. For General Health

EPA and DHA can be taken daily by healthy adults at 250-500 mg doses. Some sites propose 1000-2000 mg of EPA-DHA daily for cardiovascular health.

2. For Heart Health

High-triglyceride patients may benefit from larger fish oil doses. For this, the American Heart Association recommends 2-4 grammes of EPA and DHA daily under medical supervision.

3. For Joint Health

Joint pain and inflammation may be relieved by 1000–2000 mg of EPA and DHA daily.

4. For Mood and Mental Health

Higher doses of EPA and DHA (1000-2000 mg or more per day) may improve mood and mental health disorders including depression, according to certain research.

5. For Children

Fish oil can benefit children at age- and weight-appropriate doses. Ask a paediatrician for advice.

6. Consult with a Healthcare Professional

Please note that these are basic guidelines and individual needs may differ. Before starting any new supplement, especially if you take drugs or have underlying health concerns, visit a doctor.

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