How Social Media Is Taking Away from Your Friendships

Social media can affect friendships both positively and negatively. It can help people connect, but it can also hinder meaningful interactions:

1. Superficial Interactions

Surface-level connections are a common result of the rapid, shallow exchanges that social media frequently encourages.

2. Comparison and Envy

Relationships might suffer when one is constantly exposed to well chosen material on social media, which can stoke emotions of inferiority, envy, and comparison.

3. Distraction

Overindulging in social media can keep people from spending time with friends and interacting in person, which weakens bonds.

4. Miscommunication

The caliber of friendships might suffer from miscommunication and arguments among friends brought on by misreading posts, comments, or messages on social media.

5. Dependence on Technology

A too heavy reliance on social media for communication might reduce in-person encounters and deteriorate interpersonal abilities, which impedes deep relationships.


A fear of missing out (FOMO) brought on by frequent exposure to social media posts can lead people to value online activities more than in-person interaction with friends.

7. Privacy Concerns

Social networking sharing of personal experiences and information can undermine friendships' privacy and mutual trust, which could result in problems and disputes.

8. Comparison of Friendships

Social media viewing of other people's ostensibly ideal friendships might cause irrational expectations and discontent with one's own.

9. Shallow Connections

Because it can be difficult to keep up many online relationships, putting quantity over quality can lead to a bigger social media network but fewer deep and meaningful friendships.

10. Emotional Distancing

Because trust and emotional intimacy are developed in person, depending too much on social media for communication can lead to emotional distance and hurdles in friendships.

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