How to Do Crunches Safely and Other Exercise Options for Toned Abs

To do crunches safely, you need to use the right form and method to keep from hurting yourself. To get toned abs, here's how to do crunches properly and some other exercises you can try:

1. Crunches

Lay back with knees bent and hands behind head. Engage your core, elevate your upper body, and lower back down smoothly. Use your abs instead of your neck.

2. Planks

Start with a push-up with hands under shoulders and body straight. Maintain a firm core and prevent sagging or arching your back.

3. Leg Raises

Lay back with legs stretched and hands under lower back. Lower your legs without contacting the floor after lifting them to the ceiling.

4. Russian Twists

Kneel, lean back, and grasp a weight or medicine ball. Engage your core and obliques by twisting your torso.

5. Bicycle Crunches

Lying on your back, elevate your head and shoulders, and cycle opposite elbow to knee.

6. Mountain Climbers

Start in a push-up position and move your knees closer to your chest in a running motion every other rep.

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