How To Get Rid  of a Headache

A headache might be moderate or severe. Certain foods and sleep deprivation can cause migraines, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. Without medicine, acupressure, screen time breaks, and exercise can ease headaches. Stop headaches with natural solutions.


1. Rest

If you don't get enough sleep, headaches may be a sign to slow down. Poor sleep might mean sleep deprivation, insufficient sleep, or restless sleep. Poor sleep might worsen headaches.

2. Eat Enough Food

Low blood sugar might produce headaches if you haven't eaten. In general, eating enough food and something healthy immediately soon can help headaches. The following magnesium-rich foods may help relieve headaches.

3. Ice Your Forehead

If you have a headache, being cool or cold can help. If you have a headache, lying down with a cold, wet washcloth, cold compress, or ice pack over your face or eyes may help for a short time.

4. Take a Hot Shower

If you have a stress headache, a hot shower can help. You might also feel better if you take a shower with steam. Inhaling steam wasn't shown to help with most sinus complaints in one study, but patients said it helped with their sinus headaches.

5. Get a Massage

There isn't a lot of study on this, but massage therapy might help if you have headaches. Self-massaging or getting a massage from a professional may help. Some people also like head massagers.

6. Try Acupressure

Acupressure is a type of traditional Chinese medicine massage in which acupoints (points on the body) are pressed on by hand. The goal of acupressure is to keep your flow of energy, or qi, in balance.

7. Limit Alcohol

Up to 60% of people get migraines from drinking. Limiting alcohol can minimise headaches. Moderate drinking means adults of legal drinking age limit themselves to two drinks per day for males and one for women.

8. Stay Hydrated

Take age, weight, and daily activity into account when drinking water. You can also obtain your water from low-calorie drinks, fruits, and vegetables. If you're active or live in a warm, humid climate, drink more water to stay hydrated and avoid headaches.

9. Get Your Medications Checked

Identifying headache-causing medications may help you feel better. Overusing headache medication may worsen your condition. MEHs are medication-overuse headaches. Their names include analgesic rebound headaches, drug-induced headaches, and pharmaceutical misuse migraines.

10. Manage Stress Levels

Caffeine may ease headaches. Researchers found that NSAIDs with 100 mg or less of coffee reduced migraine symptoms. Caffeine can trigger and ease headaches. Caffeine and caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches.

11. Take Computer Breaks

Computer screens might cause headaches after prolonged use. One study linked high screen time to migraines in young adults, but "screen headaches," as they're termed, need additional research.

12. Exercise Regularly

A hard workout can cause a severe headache. Regular exercise can keep you headache-free. Researchers found that aerobic exercise like bike, cross-training, and brisk walking can avoid migraines.

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