Is Goat milk is beneficial in Dengue?

Goat milk is healthy and includes protein, calcium, and vitamins, yet it doesn't improve dengue results. Typical dengue treatment:

1. Hydration

To keep from getting dehydrated, drink a lot of water, oral rehydration treatments, and drinks with electrolytes.

2. Rest

Getting enough rest and staying away from tasks that are too hard will help the body recover.

3. Pain and Fever Management

Taking acetaminophen (paracetamol) for fever and pain. Avoiding NSAIDs like ibuprofen and aspirin, which can increase dengue bleeding risk.

4. Monitoring Symptoms

Monitoring for severe dengue symptoms such prolonged vomiting, severe abdominal pain, bleeding gums, difficulty breathing, and lethargy, which may require medical intervention.

Goat milk can supplement a healthy diet, but dengue fever requires rest, hydration, and medical attention. Medical advice is needed to diagnose, manage, and treat dengue and its effects.

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