Rare and Valuable Bicentennial Quarters ($19,200)


As a numismatic tribute to the 200th anniversary of US independence, 1976 quarters were released. The US Mint issued these special edition coins in 1975 and 1976. As the first US quarter with a distinctive reverse design in over 50 years, it is remarkable.

Bicentennial Quarter

The bicentennial quarter was manufactured in Philadelphia (809,784,016 coins), Denver (860,118,839), and San Francisco (11,000,000 uncirculated 40% silver coins, 7,059,099 proof clad coins, and 4,000,000 proof 40% silver coins). The mint markings P, D, and S identify these mints.

Mint Mark

The two main Bicentennial quarters are 40% silver. Philadelphia and Denver released copper-nickel alloy encased Bicentennial coins like regular quarters. Copper-cored silver coins. The 5.67-gram chunks are 75% copper, 25% nickel over pure copper.


Most prevalent in this series is the 1976 Phladelphia-minted Bicentennial Quarter, which has no mint mark. Its cladding makes it the least valuable Bicentennial quarter. A 1976-P Bicentennial quarter in MS65 is worth roughly $28, although immaculate examples can sell for considerably more. 

1976 Bicentennial Quarter, Clad (Regular Strike)

The S mint mark indicates San Francisco clad coins, our next selection. All clad coins from this mint were proofs. These coins average $11–$30 at PF68. In 2010, PF67, a 1976-S Quarter, sold for $6,038!

1976-S Bicentennial Quarter, Clad (Proof)

Next comes the 1976 Denver Bicentennial quarter, which has a lesser mintage and is rarer. This clad coin has the same average value as a 1976-P Bicentennial quarter at MS65, $28, although its auction record is far higher. A 1976-D Quarter, MS68 sold for $6,462.50 in 2017!

1976-D Bicentennial Quarter, Clad (Regular Strike)

San Francisco-minted 1976 quarters have 40% silver content. Proof coins have a mirror-like surface. A 1976-S silver quarter in PF67 costs $9–13. The 2019 auction record for a PF65 Dual-Date Double-Denomination mistake coin was $13,500!

1976-S Bicentennial Quarter, Silver (Proof)

Several of the 1967 San Francisco mint silver quarters were for business or regular strike circulation. These aren't mirror-like like proof coins. Here are images of San Francisco proof and ordinary strike coins.

1976-S Bicentennial Quarter, Silver (Regular Strike)

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