Sea Moss: Health Benefits and Side Effects

Sea moss—Irish or red—grows year-round in tidepools and inlets. Natural, nutrient-rich sea moss gel. Smoothies, spoonfuls, and purees with water are possible.   

Sea moss smoothies can improve your skin and immune system, and the healthy eating community is full of information about them.

Sea Moss Benefit

Parkinson's is the second most common degenerative disease in seniors. No cure exists for its tremors, stiffness, and slowness. Sea moss may slow disease progression.

May prevent Parkinson’s disease 

Since it's vegan, gluten-free, and full of nutrients, sea moss has been called a superfood. Sea moss contains nutrients like: – Vitamin B2 – Calcium – Iodine – Potassium – Sodium – Magnesium – Zinc

Sea Moss Nutrition

Irish moss is healthy and can improve body function, but carrageenan may be harmful. Occasionally, carrageenan can be converted into toxic poligeenan, which can cause health issues.

Sea Moss Side Effect

Poligeenan can cause intestinal inflammation, impairing nutrition absorption. Long-term discomfort and bloating can result.

May cause intestinal inflammation 

In animals, poligeenan in large amounts causes stomach lesions and ulcers. Larger ulcers have more poligeenan.  

May cause stomach ulcer

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