Spotting Selfishness: 11 Telltale Signs That Someone Lacks Empathy 

They Don’t Share, But Happily Take

"They bring nothing to the potluck but are first in line, or they bring Tupperware containers to take food home!"You may wish to avoid this person. What would you learn if you befriended them? They may take advantage of your kindness.

Constant Complaining

“My friend complains. Recently, I've let her talk with dry responses. Only when she asks do I speak. The hangouts went silent quickly. She no longer feels ‘satisfied’ telling me her life. Win!”


“Every harm you do to them is dramatic. Why not forget the bad things they do to you? You're dramatic!"“He screenshotted text arguments and forwarded me the whole thing with, “Look how bad this person is being to me?


“If someone constantly brags about themselves, you should stop hanging out with them. I've met too many of them; they'll gladly throw you under the bus whenever possible.”

Emotional One-upmanship

When anything that happens to them is the worst thing in the world and whatever happens to you is not that horrible and a waste of time talking about or dealing with.

No Regret

“Selfish people have no remorse for hurting others.”“Let's not forget how they make you apologize for how you made them feel when you talk about what they did to you.”


Do not ever consider that they are in the wrong. Without a doubt, they are incapable of bearing any responsibility.Despite the fact that not all people who are selfish are narcissists, all narcissists are people who are selfish.

Being Socially Unaware

“They needn't directly blame you. It may cause aloofness or unawareness. They may feel perpetually oblivious of their function. And then deny any involvement.

Selective Memory

"They don't remember when other people helped them, but they remember very well when they helped other people."You can remember things better if you can count to ten on your fingers.

No Reciprocation

“They gladly accept any favors you do for them, but when asked to reciprocate once, they get defensive/aggressive and act selfish.”You're not awful for expecting reciprocation in a relationship. 

Only Talking About Themselve

“I know many people who will talk about their day for an entire phone call and then hang up when you start talking about yours.”“And then interrupt so they can talk about themselves.

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