Starting Your First Aquarium Step-by-Step Setup for Beginners 

Cleaning the Gravel

After choosing a tank location, set up the aquarium. Put your purchased gravel in a bucket. GRAVEL MUST BE WASHED. Many novices neglect to cleanse the substrate.

Placing the Substrate

Gently insert cleaned gravel in aquarium bottom. This will prevent bottom glass breakage and fine particle stirring. A smaller scoop or bucket can help.

Filling up the Aquarium

De-chlorinate water after filling. Although there are no fish, chlorine and chloramines can accumulate. A good dechlorinator is essential for aquarium life. 

Choosing the Right Heater & Filter

The right heater and filter are hard to choose. This calculator calculates aquarium filter flow and heater wattage.

Filter Material

Clean the filter material gently in a bucket or under the tap. They contain dust and debris from warehouse or shopfront storage, which you don't want in your tank.

Heating and Lighting

Two heaters are recommended, but a smaller tank can utilize one. An aquarium heater that fits comfortably is ideal. Higher wattage heaters save power and strain less.

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