Suits' 4-Year-Old Cancelled Spinoff Exposes Biggest Problem With New Show

A four-year-old Suits spin-off highlights the biggest issue with the new series in the growing universe. Suits was a moderate hit on USA for nine seasons. When the legal drama debuted on Netflix, it became more accessible.

Suits is the year's breakout show on streaming, so naturally, there's interest in renewing the franchise now that it has more fans. With a new series in development, months of speculation are finally ending.

First, Suits focused on Mike and Harvey. The initial seasons focused on their connection and how their secret connected them. As it expanded its stories, Suits became an ensemble. Cast chemistry was one of its best aspects, with each character having a unique energy and attitude. Given this, the forthcoming program should feature multiple original characters.

Suits started with Mike and Harvey. Their secret and bond dominated the first seasons. Suits grew into an ensemble as its stories developed. Its cast chemistry was great, with each character having a unique energy and attitude. Given this, the new show should have many original characters.

Although Jessica was captivating, the offshoot's lone known face didn't interest the public. Pearson was less appealing without Harvey to chat with or Louis to manipulate, and the new Suits program may be the same.

Pearson was canceled by USA Network after one season due to low ratings, leaving major narrative lines unresolved. It's hard to make a new show work with just one known character, so fans want Suits' ensemble.

Korsh and NBCUniversal shouldn't abandon this new project. It's still possible, especially with Suits' recent popularity surge. They must remember Pearson's failure's lessons. At least several original Suits cast members must appear in the new show. 

Creators decide whether to follow Mike and Harvey in Seattle or hire Jessica's former subordinates in Chicago. Second, it can be a different outfit, but it must have the same attitude and tone that made the first Suits so delightful.

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