The Effects of Low Blood Sugar on Your Body

Low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, occurs when glucose levels drop below normal. This illness might damage your physical and emotional health. Body repercussions of low blood sugar:

1. Physical Effects

Fatigue: When your blood sugar is low, you may feel tired, weak, and lethargic, which can make it hard to do daily things.

Hunger: When your blood sugar is low, your body may tell you it's hungry, which can make you want sugary or carb-heavy foods.

Shakiness: You might feel like your muscles are shaking or trembling, especially in your hands, if your blood sugar is low.

Sweating: Hypoglycemia can make you sweat a lot, even when the temperature is normal. This is because your body is trying to keep blood sugar levels normal.

Headache: Some people may get headaches or migraines when their blood sugar is too low.

2. Mental Effects

Confusion: Brain performance can be affected by low blood sugar, causing confusion, trouble focusing, and forgetfulness.

Irritability: Due to the brain's sensitivity to glucose levels, mood changes like anger, nervousness, or mood swings may happen.

Dizziness: Hypoglycemia can make you feel dizzy or faint, which could make it hard to keep your balance or even cause you to pass out in the worst cases.

Blurred Vision: During times of low blood sugar, some people may have fuzzy vision or changes in how clear their vision is.

3. Physical Symptoms in Severe Cases

Seizures: Having very low blood sugar can cause seizures, which need medical help right away.

Loss of Consciousness: If you don't treat severe hypoglycemia right away, you could lose awareness or pass out, which could hurt you.

Coma: Hypoglycemia that lasts for a long time and is very bad can sometimes cause a coma that needs immediate medical care.

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