These 10 Are The World's Most Wonderful Cities. How Many Have You Visited? 

Florence, Italy

Rome may be Italy's most historic city, but Florence is its most beautiful. Walk down any cobblestone street to see stunning piazzas and cathedrals, and the Santa Maria del Fiore skyline is not to be missed. Also must-see?

St. Petersburg, Russia

Uninhabited swampland before St. Petersburg, Russia's “Paris of the East”. Peter the Great, ruler until 1728, built a Russian city to rival Europe's Baroque and Renaissance strongholds from these lowly beginnings, leaning heavily on Paris' regality. 

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, on South Carolina's Atlantic coast, attracts locals and tourists alike. Despite the boulevards of The Battery (a roadway lined with grandly lovely buildings) and Chalmers roadway's Bermudian limestone and cobbles, this 1670-founded city is not a relic. 

Cape Town, South Africa

London and New York residents are used to thinking of a "city" as a huge metropolis remote from nature. In contrast, Cape Town, surrounded by Table Mountain and penguin-filled beaches, values the outdoors. 

Bruges, Belgium

Despite the shifting coast, this historic seaport in Western Flanders remains a waterborne city thanks to a network of picturesque canals that connect its majestic belfries, tottering homes, and bucolic squares to the North Sea. 

Edinburgh and Leith, United Kingdom

Edinburgh and Leith may be the UK's most beautiful city for their raw drama and rugged romance. The city is home to the world's largest arts festival, beautiful Victorian avenues like the Royal Mile

Jaipur, India

A visit to India wouldn't be complete without seeing Old City, a near-cinematic journey through the City Palace complex, the pink Palace of Winds, and Jantar Mantar's massive geometric sculptures.

Kyoto, Japan

A sense of the past permeates this legendary Japanese metropolis. Kyoto is one of the best-preserved historical cities in Japan, revealing hundreds of years of history and scenery.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, a labyrinthine, medieval city in the Atlas Mountains, is known for its blue mansions. From its religious symbolism to Jewish inhabitants who settled in the city in the 1930s and 40s to the color's cooling and insect-repellent properties

Queenstown, New Zealand

All adrenaline enthusiasts know Queenstown, on Lake Wakatipu, is the world's adventure sports capital. Nestled in New Zealand's South Island's stunning scenery, the city is a hub for wine, food

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