Top 10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds 

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavaliers are naturally affectionate because they were designed as companion dogs. They are cute, well-mannered, and little, making them ideal apartment dogs.

Labrador retriever

Being one of the most popular dog breeds in the country, the Labrador retriever is a great emotional support dog. Their disposition is pleasant, laid-back, and unbothered. 


“Corgis are happy, playful, easy-going dogs, making them great emotional support dogs,” explains Dr. Chocznski Johnson. Watching a Corgi play may delight anyone. 

The Great Pyrenees

“If you find stress relief in repetitive motions like hair brushing, this is the perfect breed, as their thick luxurious coat requires a lot of grooming,” adds Dr. Choczynski Johnson. At 100 pounds, hair will be abundant.

Standard poodle

Standard poodles weigh 50–60 pounds and are the largest of the three sizes. Poodles in the show ring may seem too “foo-foo” and self-absorbed to be emotional support dogs.

Great Dane

Its height helps the Great Dane stand out. That may appeal to someone who wants a four-legged bodyguard or a buffer zone with others. Great Danes are amiable, yet as security dogs, they put you first. 


A silky white pint-size cuddle bug with huge expressive eyes, the Maltese may be your emotional support dog. Even at a two-person party, they're the life of the party when they're not on your lap.


Need a fluffy travel companion? The Havanese tolerates air and road travel. Dr. Choczynski Johnson advises choosing a quiet, non-shedding dog to be polite to other travelers and set the tone for airline industry concessions.

Golden retriever

Dr. Choczynski Johnson says the golden retriever's best trait is loyalty. Their characteristic cuddle features a heart-melting heavy chin on the lap and an upward stare.

Yorkshire terrier

In addition to being one of the cutest lap dogs, Yorkies are great emotional support dogs for numerous reasons. First, Yorkies are mobile. At five to seven pounds and eight inches tall, they're excellent for when you need a lively.

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