Top 10 Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain and Increase Flexibility

Shoulder pain and stiffness can hinder daily life. Doing certain exercises can reduce shoulder pain and promote flexibility. Ten excellent shoulder pain and flexibility exercises:

1. Pendulum Exercise

Standing, bend forward with your arm hanging down. Swing your arm gently in short circles, then switch directions. This exercise relaxes and moves the shoulder.

2. Shoulder Stretch

Cross your body and softly press one arm to your chest with the other. Hold 15-30 seconds, then switch sides. This stretch works shoulders and upper back.

3. Wall Angels

Bend your arms 90 degrees and stand with your back against a wall. Maintain elbow and wrist contact as you slowly glide your arms up the wall. Lower them again. This exercise enhances shoulder mobility.

4. Scapular Squeezes

Sit or stand with arms at sides. Try to hold a pencil between your shoulder blades. Wait a few seconds, then release. Shoulder blade muscles are strengthened by this workout.

5. Shoulder Circles

Stand with arms at sides and feet shoulder-width apart. Move your shoulders forward and backward in wide circles. Tight shoulder muscles are released by this exercise.

6. Doorway Stretch

Stand with your elbows bent 90 degrees and forearms against the door frame of a doorway. Slightly lean forward to extend your front shoulders. Hold 15-30 seconds.

7. Rotator Cuff Exercises

Use a resistance band or light dumbbells for external and internal rotation exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff and stabilize the shoulder.

8. Yoga Child's Pose

Sit on your heels with your arms front after starting on your hands and knees. This stretch relieves shoulder and upper back strain.

9. Chest Opener Stretch

Hold your hands behind your back and stand tall. Squeeze your shoulder blades and gently pull your arms away from your body. Hold 15-30 seconds.

10. Arm Circles

Hold your arms at shoulder height apart. Make small arm circles and progressively increase their size. Exercise improves shoulder mobility and flexibility.

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