Top 10 Most Valuable U.S. Coins Found in Pocket Change

Very rare coin. The Secret Service seized early specimens until the U.S. Mint verified them. Most counterfeits have the wrong mint mark. In May 2014, a Texas mother spotted one while sorting coins. Coin graded by PCGS

1. 1969-S Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Obverse

Only one side of the coin doubles, like other real doubled die variants. If both sides double on any section of the coin, it probably doubles on striking and is worth less than a doubled die.

2. Double-Die Obverse 1970  Small Date Lincoln Cent

The 1972 Lincoln Cent doubled die (no mint mark) has significant doubling on all aspects. The "Cherrypicker's Guide to Rare Die Varieties," an essential source for this subject, recommends utilizing a "die marker" to authenticate your results. Die markers are gouges or cracks that identify a coin's die.

3. 1972 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Obverse

We included it because it's cheap and worth hundreds of dollars, even if variety experts disagree on its cause and long-term value. One leaf should hang from the corn ear's left side. Rare and precious error coins have two left-hanging leaves.

4. 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter Extra Leaf

This variety has three dates, 1998, 1999, and 2000, with 1999 being the rarest. The mint accidentally struck circulation coins with a proof die.

5. 1999 Wide "AM" Reverse Lincoln Cent

The US Mint punched the mint mark letters for each branch mint before mailing the coin dies. The usage of non-punched dies to create coins may have caused this variant. 

6. No Mint 1982 Dime Mark Roosevelt

The edge lettering of Presidential Dollars has been incorrect since the 2007 Washington Dollar. The edge inscription is applied after the coin is struck. Some are completely absent. Others have several edge lettering placements.

7. Presidential Dollar Edge Lettering Error

USA Today's cover story on this doubled die variant garnered mainstream attention. Specimens are constantly found!

8. 1995 Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent

Hoarders of State Quarters have begun spending them as the economy has worsened. Putting together full rolls of uncirculated quarters of in-demand states can fetch $30 per roll.

9. Certain Uncirculated State Quarter

Most people believe U.S. coins' silver ended in 1964, however this is false. The Half Dollar included silver until 1970. Many people use 1965–1970 Half Dollars or sell them in rolls of halves to the bank without realizing they are 40% silver.

10. Silver Half Dollar

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