Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Unlucky In Their Career  

Career success is important in today's fast-paced, competitive society. It's intriguing, because certain zodiac signs have more career failures than others. Some may identify career trends in astrology, but it doesn't determine everything.  

Precision-minded Capricorn. Their meticulousness can lead to self-doubt and overthinking, making employment decisions difficult. Their high expectations can enrage them when they fail. Bad self-criticism can ruin their career.  


Work impacts Cancerians emotionally. Their instincts, empathy, and intuition are powerful. Though desirable, these traits cause overthinking and job reluctance. Because they can't separate job from emotion, Cancers may worry and be unlucky.   


Innovation and creativity are Pisces strengths. Creativity may cost them jobs. Many get stuck in ideas and inaction. They may be upset and lose jobs. Pisces may need to balance work and creativity.  


Scorpios are strategic and driven. Their work ambitions are high. This secretive, control-hungry mindset can undermine professional partnerships. Scorpios may struggle to collaborate and delegate, damaging careers.  


Creative Aquariuses are odd. Loves risk-taking and learning. Love of novelty might cause job insecurity. This may feel like swimming against the current in a typical career. This move may hurt career systems that reject them.  


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